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Camping in the UK

The UK is starting to pick up on the yurt craze, and there are now more places than ever all throughout England, Wales and Scotland where you can spend the night in a yurt rather than in a tent. There are plenty of very popular locations that you should try out. But first, some things to know about camping in the UK in general.

* Maps are your friend! Do not just rely on technology – there are some more remote parts of the UK that are notorious for their lack of signal. Also remember to take a good compass and a Swiss army knife if you own one.

* Invest in good walking shoes otherwise your holiday may be cut short.

* Make sure to keep warm and dry. Spare changes of socks are absolutely essential. Although your yurt will be toasty and warm, when you are walking the ground may well be sodden through. After all, this is the UK!

* Mark out a route before you head out walking so that you can plan meals. It’s no good trying to march on an empty stomach!

* Use a roomy vehicle to get to your destination. A people carrier rental may work out well as there will be lots of space for camping gear as well as passengers.

Where should you go camping within the UK?

There are plenty of great campsites all throughout the country. However, the best ones for camping in a yurt include:

* Devon, particularly Borough Farm, which offers spectacular views and great opportunities for walking. There are a number of other great yurt camping sites around this area, such as Cuckoo Farm and Gorse Blossom Farm.

* The Lake District is one of the best places in the UK to go camping, and there are a great many yurt friendly campsites up here. Amongst the most famous are Long Valley Yurts in Ambleside, Windemere and Coniston.

* Wales has long been loved by campers for its rolling hills and its stunning beauty. Now yurts are making it big in some absolutely gorgeous places, including Cwn Farm, Cwtch (the name of which literally translates as ‘cuddle’) and One Cat Farm in Ceredigion, a firm favourite amongst backpackers everywhere.

If you want to camp in style, it’s time to consider camping in yurts. Not only do you get to see some of the UK’s most beautiful places at your own pace, you also get to do so in style and comfort.