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Orca Killa Kompression Mens Compression Core Short Sleeve Top Size RYNBOCBIF

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Orca has established a reputation introducing revolutionary fabrics and garment construction preferred by world champions and Olympic gold medalists. Orca Killa Compression garments can be worn by people of all athletic levels.

The Orca Compression Core short sleeve top is an ideal multi-purpose compression garment that can be worn as a base layer or by itself. It has been scientifically proven to provide optimum levels of active and graduated compression and has been constructed with the correct body contoured panelling. Garments with graduated compression offer benefits such as improved circulation and oxygenation of the blood; reduced post-exercise muscle soreness and faster muscle recovery; reduction of muscle oscillation and fatigue; faster removal of lactic acid, with increased muscle endurance, strength and power; and improved body temperature control. It is made out of 72% nylon and 28% lycra and is machine washable. UPF50+ in the moisture wicking and anti-bacterial fabric provides protection from elements. Perfect for running, high performance exercise, gym workouts, and training

Orca�s high stretch, 70 dernier circular kint Killaskn Kompress fabric is used to ensure active muscle compression during exercise, reduce muscle fatigue, and help with muscle recovery. It has been 3D-cut into body contured panels for optimum levels of active and graduated compression, making the top perfect for use during exercise and rest and recovery. Graduated Compression Zones provide increased blood flow/circulation and muscle support. Also features flat lock stitching for comfort, contrast silver reflective Orca logos printed on the chest and back, and contrast reflective silver and white Killa Kompression logos printed on the back for visibility on low light conditions.

EAN: 8427011470035

Orca Killa Kompression Mens Compression Core Short Sleeve Top Size RYNBOCBIF

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